In Memoriam: Rusty Young (1946-2021)

In Memoriam: Rusty Young (1946-2021)

American Blues Scene Staff

“Rusty was the most unpretentious, caring and idyllic artist I have ever worked with, a natural life force that he consistently poured into his music,” says Rick Alter, Poco and Rusty’s manager of more than 20 years.

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Rusty Young, founding member of seminal country-rock band Poco and one of the most influential steel guitar players in rock history, died Wednesday of a heart attack at his home in Davisville, Missouri. He was 75 years old.

Poco – Courtesy Michael J. Media Group

Norman Russell ‘Rusty’ Young was born February 23rd, 1946 in Long Beach, California and raised in Denver, Colorado, where he began playing lap steel as a boy and performed in local country and psychedelic rock bands throughout his teens. In 1967, Rusty was invited to Los Angeles by Richie Furay to play steel on Buffalo Springfield’s third and final album Last Time Around, and Young, Furay, George Grantham and Jim Messina formed Poco soon after.

Over the next five decades, alongside members that would also include Randy Meisner, Timothy B. Schmit and Paul Cotton, Rusty became not only the musical core of the band, but also the writer and vocalist behind hits including “Rose Of Cimarron” and the #1 smash “Crazy Love.” The current band – led by Rusty and featuring Jack Sundrud, Rick Lonow and Tom Hampton – still performed over 100 dates per year. “I made a promise to myself that Poco would only keep going if we remained a band of real musicians who were having fun,” Rusty said last year. “Because audiences can tell the difference.”

“Poco, at its core, is an early example of what could be described as Americana” No Depression says, “a roots rock band that melded genres in the process of creating something new and exciting.” Rusty was inducted into Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Gallery Of Greats’ in 1974 and ‘Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame’ in 2012. Young orchestrated Poco’s 50th anniversary reunion in 2017 and released his solo debut album Waitin’ For The Sun on Blue Elan Records later that year.

“Rusty was the most unpretentious, caring and idyllic artist I have ever worked with, a natural life force that he consistently poured into his music,” says Rick Alter, Poco and Rusty’s manager of more than 20 years, “To fans and fellow musicians alike, he was a once-in-a-lifetime musician, songwriter, performer and friend.”

Young is survived by his beloved wife Mary, with whom he shared a log home overlooking the Huzzah Creek where he loved to go fishing in the Mark Twain National Forest. He is also survived by their daughter Sara, son Will, and 3 young grandsons Chandler, Ryan and Graham, as well as Mary’s 3 children Joe, Marci and Hallie and grandchildren Quentin and Emma. A memorial service for Rusty will be held October 16th at Wildwood Springs Lodge in Steelville, MO where Rusty and Mary met 20 years ago.

*Feature image Courtesy Michael J. Media Group

Satsang Welcomes Spring With Vibrant New Single, ‘I’m The One’

Satsang Welcomes Spring With Vibrant New Single, ‘I’m The One’

Jon Bleicher / Prospect PR

‘All. Right. Now.’ is out June 4th via SideOneDummy

On the heels of announcing a 30-date, coast-to-coast tour spanning spring, summer, and fall, the Montana-based quartet Satsang are unveiling “I’m The One,” the vibrant new single from All. Right. Now., out June 4th via SideOneDummy. Featuring a steady, dynamic rhythm and shimmering acoustic guitars, evoking the sonic energy of Paul Simon’s Graceland, “I’m The One” is a breath of fresh air, conjuring images of the summer sun, reuniting with friends, and long drives with the windows down. The single follows the release of “This Place,” featuring singer/songwriter Trevor Hall, and the album’s title track.

“’I’m The One’ is a song I wrote about my wife and I falling in love eleven years ago, under the sun of the Beartooth Mountains,” explains Satsang’s Drew McManus. “It was an unlikely love story that many didn’t think would work. But here we are. Still in love and still in the Beartooths.”

Written and recorded during an extended hiatus from the road, All. Right. Now. finds McManus reconnecting with his roots and exploring a whole new palette of sounds, drawing on classic country and modern Americana. The performances are broad and spacious, reflecting the wide-open fields and soaring mountains that surrounded the band while they were recording. The result is a lush, organic collection fueled by acoustic guitars, fiddle, and pedal steel; a warm, inviting record that hints at everything from Uncle Tupelo and The Jayhawks to Gregory Alan Isakov and The Head and the Heart.

 Satsang’s soulful, reggae-infused folk-rock brought their previous work to #1 on the Billboard’s Reggae Chart and saw them sell out concerts around the country, sharing stages with the likes of Michael Franti & Spearhead and Nahko and Medicine for the People as they worked their way up from bars and clubs to massive festivals. It was a stunning rise for McManus, who spent years distancing himself from a troubled upbringing marked by cycles of addiction, violence, and abuse. He came to music as part of his own recovery from addiction, when a month-long backpacking trip in the Himalayas inspired him to share his journey through song and poetry. He ultimately found peace amid family in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, an oasis that allows him a warm hearth to recharge from the rigors of the road. “Montana isn’t just where I live,” says McManus. “It’s my heart and soul.”

 Inspired by the land and by his role as a father, All. Right. Now. is a joyful, rustic collection all about letting go and living in the moment. McManus produced the album himself, and while the songs are certainly honest and deeply personal, they’re written in a spiritual language that taps into something far more universal; something inherent in the human condition that binds us as brothers and sisters on a shared journey to find our place in this world. Grounding himself in a dedicated mixed-martial-arts practice, McManus sees no inherent contradiction between fighting and music, which both require patience, endurance, and a willingness to immerse yourself completely into practice. As a father and a husband, McManus is more committed than ever to taking care of his mind, body, and soul and to making the most of his limited time.

 “When you’re dealt a tough hand, you can either get bitter or you can get better,” says McManus. “You can blame your upbringing for everything and complain about what happened to you, or you can choose to believe that everything happened for you, to step into your power and become the person you want to be.” In Montana, that’s precisely what McManus has done, turning his dreams into reality in a place that, some days, feels more like Heaven than Earth. “My wife, my kids, Montana, they’re all one thing to me now,” says McManus. “They’re home.”

Stay tuned for additional updates.

Satsang – Tour Dates:

APR 24 – Zen Fest West – Palomar Mountain, CA

MAY 15 – YAM Fest – Yoga, Arts and Music Festival – Saint Clair, MO

JUN 3 – Pyro Music and Arts Festival – Thornville, OH

JUN 4 – Pyro Music and Arts Festival – Thornville, OH

JUN 9 – The Mishawaka – Bellvue, CO

JUN 10 – The Mishawaka – Bellvue, CO

JUN 11 – Red Lodge Ales – Red Lodge, MT

JUN 12 – Red Lodge Ales – Red Lodge, MT

JUL 24 – Daydream Farm – Wall Township, NJ

OCT 14 – Turf Club – St Paul, MN

OCT 15 – Knuckleheads Saloon – Kansas City, MO

OCT 16 – The Wildwood Smokehouse and Saloon – Iowa City, IA

OCT 17 – Hi-Fi – Indianapolis, IN

OCT 20 – Asheville Music Hall – Asheville, NC

OCT 21 – The Basement – Nashville, TN

OCT 22 – Rumba Cafe – Columbus, OH

OCT 23 – Martyrs’ – Chicago, IL

OCT 24 – Bell’s Eccentric Cafe – Kalamazoo, MI

OCT 27 – Old Rock House – St. Louis, MO

OCT 28 – Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA

OCT 29 – Reverb Lounge – Omaha, NE

NOV 11 – Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ

NOV 12 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA

NOV 14 – The Rock – San Luis Obispo, CA

NOV 16 – Mystic Theater – Petaluma, CA

NOV 17 – Felton Music Hall – Felton, CA

NOV 18 – Cornerstone – Berkeley, CA

NOV 20 – Star Theater Portland – Portland, OR

NOV 21 – High Dive – Seattle, WA

MAY 27 – California Roots Music & Arts Festival – Monterey, CA


All. Right. Now. – out June 4th

  • From And I Go
  • All. Right. Now.
  • Answer Was Yes
  • This Place (ft. Trevor Hall)
  • I’m The One
  • Further This Goes
  • Malachi
  • Back Around (ft. G. Love)
  • I’ll Try
  • Love
  • To Last



    Gulf Coast Records Signs Guitarist/Singer Dave Kalz & Will Release His Debut CD ‘Relish’

    Gulf Coast Records Signs Guitarist/Singer Dave Kalz & Will Release His Debut CD ‘Relish’

    Mark Pucci

    “I’ve known Dave Kalz for 30 years,” said Mike Zito in making the announcement. “He is an inspired guitarist and musician full of heart and soul.”

    Texas-based Gulf Coast Records, which has been releasing exciting new blues/rock albums since 2018, has signed Milwaukee area-based guitarist/singer Dave Kalz and will release his debut CD, Relish, on June 25th.

    Kalz and Gulf Coast Records founder/co-owner Mike Zito met years ago in their hometown of St. Louis, so, it was only fitting for them to return to their roots and record Dave’s debut album on Gulf Coast Records at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis. “I’ve known Dave Kalz for 30 years,” said Zito in making the announcement. “He is an inspired guitarist and musician full of heart and soul.”

    From 1998-2000 and 2005, Kalz was a founding member of Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, which toured as the opening act for Devon’s father, Gregg Allman, and also performed shows with The Allman Brothers Band, Dickey Betts, Chuck Berry, Little Feat, Molly Hatchet, Night Ranger, Gregg Rolie and many others.

    In 2018, Dave formed Anthology – an Allman Brothers Tribute band. It featured former members of Gregg Allman’s 1978 touring band, Danny Liston and Richard Steltenpohl (also founding members of Mama’s Pride), Mike Zito, the late Grammy Award-winner Yonrico Scott, formerly of Derek Trucks Band and Royal Southern Brotherhood, James Jackson (George Benson, Level 42), and Tom Denman (formerly of Mama’s Pride).

    The 11 all-original songs on Relish were produced by Zito and feature both Kalz and his regular band, augmented by special guests, including Zito, himself. The lineup includes: Dave Kalz – guitars and vocals; Greg Hulub – bass guitar and backup vocals; Kevin McDonald – drums; Mike Zito – slide guitar on “Werewolf Blues,” guitar on “Playing the Blues with My Friends;” Tony Campanella – guitar on “Playing the Blues with My Friends;” and Lewis Stephens – keyboards on “Mexico.”

    “When I first met Mike Zito, he was working at Metro Guitar Shop in St. Louis and playing in a country band with a DJ from a popular St. Louis radio station,” recalls Dave Kalz. “I was playing in a St. Louis band that had become very popular on a local level. Mike and I immediately hit it off. We heard a lot of the same tones in our heads and listened to a lot of the same music; we saw the world from similar points of view…..and we shared a love for Fender Telecasters. We’ve been friends ever since, and when I knew I was going to put out this record, I wanted to do it with Mike.  It was never a question of ‘if,’ just a question of ‘when.’”

    Kalz began playing music in St. Louis but later moved to the Milwaukee area, where he now lives. “After the original music scene and the downtown night life in St. Louis partially collapsed, I stuck it out for another decade or so. However, I recently moved to the Milwaukee area – which is of course mighty close to Chicago. We live right between Milwaukee and Madison. Some things about downtown Milwaukee remind me of the old days in St. Louis. Their downtown is very robust and active, and people are so nice and polite up in the northern Midwest.  It’s an easy part of the country to make new friends, and Chicago has a wealth of great blues and jazz. I still love St. Louis and visit there as often as I can. Some of my favorite venues in the country are still in the city of St. Louis.”

    Kalz has been in love with music from the start. “When I was 4-5 years old, I used to take my grandparent’s old records, spin them in a circle, and acting like my finger was the needle, I would make up my own songs…. singing my little heart out,” he says. “When I was 6 years old, I had an older cousin who turned me on to Led Zeppelin’s first album, 10 Years After’s Ssssh, and a whole host of records by B.B. King. By the time I was in 6th grade, I was playing air guitar on a wooden yard stick to records by Little Feat, the Allman Brothers, and Foghat. I was already knee deep in the swampier blues rock stuff. When I finally picked up a guitar as a teenager, I started learning how to form solos by playing along with Live at Fillmore East by the Allman Brothers and Waiting on Columbus by Little Feat. My world changed when I bought Deguello by ZZ Top, and then changed again when I first heard Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan. But when I turned 21, and I saw Albert Collins play at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis, and the Arc Angels at the same venue not too long after that, everything I thought about guitar tones changed. It was like someone lifted a blanket off of the guitar amp in my head, and suddenly, I knew what I wanted out of my fingers, my guitar, and my amp.

    “My first trip to New Orleans, followed by a trip to the New Mexico and Arizona deserts changed how I would write and hear the music in my head forever. It became more spiritual…. but also more nasty and swampy. I wanted my guitar to emote sounds that evoked grit and grease, but with a hint of dark mystery, intrigue. And I wanted it to sound like a big Mack Truck trying to fit down a tight back alley, squeezing its way through as it pushed everything around it.  Everything I do now goes back to that. That’s the sound that has been in my head ever since.”

    Dave Kalz Facebook

    *Feature image: Danya Wagner Artimisi

    New Single From Stephen Foster & Howler ‘You Can’t Take Me Home’

    New Single From Stephen Foster & Howler ‘You Can’t Take Me Home’

    American Blues Scene Staff

    The song is about the rumor that Lynyrd Skynyrd fans had been chipping bits off Ronnie Van Zant’s gravestone as mementos!

    Muscle Shoals’ finest, Stephen Foster and Howler release their first single on Thoroughbred Music – “You Can’t Take Me Home” – a song written about Stephen’s late friend Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Ronnie Van Zant, tragically killed in 1977 with others of the band in a plane crash. The song is about the rumor that Lynyrd Skynyrd fans had been chipping bits off his gravestone as mementos! The song is taken from the forthcoming album Southern releasing April 29th.

    Singer-songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist Foster is a 50-year veteran of the music business, inking his first recording contract in 1969 as a stablemate to Percy Sledge, and writing for Lynyrd Skynyrd. As the house guitarist at Quinvy Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, his session credits are legendary, working with a multitude of great artists who recorded there in the 70s. Signed to 20th Century Fox and later Janus Records as a labelmate to Robert Palmer, he walked away from the restrictions of big label deals and started Whitehorse Records in 1979, charting Cashbox Top-40 with “For The Love of A Girl.” He owned recording studios for 20 years and was an integral part in the Indie move to bust the majors but began concentrating on his own recordings in 2000. A series of Indie hits followed, continuing to present day.

    Members of Howler include guitar wizard Kelvin Holley, Little Richard’s guitarist for many years; Bassist J.R. Byrd played with Jerry Lee Lewis for 10 years touring Europe and the United States; and young monster Evan Lane on drums & vocals.

    Their combination of Blues, Rock, Americana & Boogie-Woogie music gives them the flexibility to cross genres and small concerts and huge festivals. This is a heavy act with pounding beats from Psychedelic Blues to Delta & Boogie-Woogie, featuring power piano and at times, dual slide guitars. Foster also plays solo concerts on piano and guitars, singing his hits and telling tales of the famous musicians he’s worked with. He has played solo to crowds of 10,000+.

    About “You Can’t Take Me Home,” Foster says, “I was friends with Ronnie until his passing after writing some songs which Lynyrd Skynyrd used for their first audition in Muscle Shoals at Quinvy studio in early 1970. Rest in peace, Freebird.”

    Stephen Foster & Howler

    The Black Keys to Release Blues Covers Album, ‘Delta Kream’

    The Black Keys to Release Blues Covers Album, ‘Delta Kream’

    Lauren Leadingham

    The Black Keys honor their biggest American blues influences on their latest release!

    The Black Keys have announced a new blues covers album called Delta Kream, to be released on May 14.

    Easy Eye Sound

    The 11-track collection marks the duo’s (Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney) first release since their ninth studio album in 2019, Let’s Rock. The announcement comes after The Black Keys celebrated the 10th anniversary of their sixth album, Brothers, with a special deluxe edition in January. 

    Delta Kream pays tribute to the Mississippi hill country blues acts that inspired them, including John Lee Hooker, R. L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Ranie Burnette and Big Joe Williams. 

    The band previewed Delta Kream with album opener and lead single “Crawling Kingsnake” — their version of the blues standard which John Lee Hooker recorded in 1949. The album will be available for pre-order starting Apr. 15. You can listen to the single by signing up for The Black Keys’ fan club.


    Full Delta Kream tracklisting below:


    1. Crawling Kingsnake (John Lee Hooker)

    2. Louise (Mississippi Fred McDowell)

    3. Poor Boy A Long Way From Home (R. L. Burnside)

    4. Stay All Night (Junior Kimbrough)

    5. Going Down South (R. L. Burnside)

    6. Coal Black Mattie (Ranie Burnette)

    7. Do the Romp (Junior Kimbrough)

    8. Sad Days, Lonely Nights (Junior Kimbrough)

    9. Walk with Me (Junior Kimbrough)

    10. Mellow Peaches (Big Joe Williams)

    11. Come On And Go With Me (Junior Kimbrough)


    The 35th Annual King Biscuit Invites You to Come on Home

    The 35th Annual King Biscuit Invites You to Come on Home

    Don Wilcock

    The King Biscuit Festival has built legacies before your eyes year after year with favorites you’ve come to love! Time to snatch back the soundtrack of our lives (October 6-9)!


    “I know a place… Ain’t nobody cryin’… Ain’t nobody worried… I’ll take you there!” The Staples Singers went to number one in ’71 with “I’ll Take You There.” Come home to the 35th King Biscuit Blues Festival Wednesday, October 6th through Saturday, October 9th where it has never been more important for the number one blues festival in the south to “take us there.”

    Mavis Staples promises to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her family’s hit as Friday headliner at this year’s King Biscuit Blues Festival, just one of more than 100 storied acts performing during four days of multi-stage continuous music.  

    Joining in this year’s triumphant return of the south’s most lauded blues festival are The Allman Betts Band and Billy Branch & the Sons of Blues with Bobby Rush. Butter the Biscuit and better the bite as we celebrate our rebirth. Come dance on the levy with the real thing. We soldiered through a year without our music but gained an appreciation for who we are. It’s  time to grab your reward. Time to express yourself. Time to snatch back the soundtrack of our lives. We’re family, and you’re a member. Slip off your shoes and splash with us on the banks of the Mississippi River in the heart of the Delta.  

    Talk about taking us there! The half-century legacy of southern rock’s premiere band The Allman Brothers with their treasured classics like “Whipping Post” and “Midnight Rider” lives on in Saturday night’s headliner the Allman Betts Band, featuring Gregg Allman’s son Devon Allman and Dickey Betts’ son Duane Betts. Both artists earned their musical chops at the feet of their legendary fathers. Their Biscuit appearance comes on the heels of a 60-date world tour in 2019 and the release of their debut album, Down to the River, followed by Bless Your Heart (2020).  

    Devon Allman told Forbes magazine: “On stage every night we have a certain responsibility to tip the hat to our dads. And what I think balances the legacy, but also moving forward as our own men and as our own musicians, is balancing the two. So, if we have a set that’s 17 songs, we’re going to play a couple Allman Brothers songs. We’re not going to fill our set, but we’re also not  going to turn our back on it. The balance is everything and I think that we’ve been lucky to strike that balance.” 

    Bobby Rush conquered COVID-19 in 2020 and took home his second GRAMMY® in March of this year, finally being recognized for a legacy that he has shared with Biscuit audiences for decades. Hear him team up with Thursday night’s headliner Billy  Branch, another Chicago blues legacy. Branch was one of the first to develop a Blues in the School program and has made over  70 international tours. A three-time GRAMMY® nominee, he’s backed by The Sons of The Blues, a band of veterans that includes bass player Nick Charles, drummer Mose Rutues Jr., and pianist Sumito Ariyoshi, aka Ariyo. 


    Known the world over as the King of the Chitlin Circuit, Bobby Rush is one of the Biscuit’s most beloved members of our extended family. He keeps re-inventing himself year in and year out. As fundamental as blues itself, he is a walking history lesson in the form.

    His 2019 CD Sitting on Top of The Blues says it all, coming on the heels of his 2017 GRAMMY®-winning  Porcupine Meat as Best Traditional Blues Album. But we knew him back when, and we embrace him as the visionary he’s always been as we head into a new world order. 

    Another Thursday night act, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, are best known for their 1986 hit “Tuff Enuff.” A rallying cry for nearly four  decades, the song has never meant more than it does right now. It was written by lead singer and harmonica player Kim Wilson  whose history with Biscuit goes way back to when he donated money to the Sonny Boy Blues Society to try and save Sonny Boy  Williamson’s Helena home. Wilson, who founded The T-Birds in 1976 feels the current lineup is the best yet. It features 13-year  band veteran and guitarist Johnny Moeller. “The good thing about Johnny is he’s got his own take on things,” Wilson explained.  “He really has his own style. That’s very important to me. I need people who really have their own minds. I don’t want to hear  somebody [imitating] Johnny Guitar Watson or B.B. King. I’d rather hear people do their own deal.” 

    Come home to the festival that’s built legacies before your eyes year after year with favorites you’ve come to love. Thrill to Reba Russell’s “Heaven Came to Helena,” the Biscuit’s signature song. Wrap yourself around Paul Thorn’s southern homilies. Escape to Muddy Waters’ Chicago blues heyday with Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith and Bob Stroger. Rock out to the Kentucky Headhunters. 

    Experience Arkansas’ homegrown blues masters: Lonnie Shields, The C.W. Gatlin Band, the Phillip Stackhouse Band, and  Spoonfed Blues featuring Mississippi Spoonman. Bring Chicago blues club mojo back to the Delta with The Paul Oscher All Star  Band, Wayne Baker Brooks, Nora Jan Wallace, Maurice John Vaughn, and Fruteland Jackson. Acquaint yourself with artists who  are expanding the blues definition: Detroit blues shouter Thornetta Davis, Texas powerhouse Diaunah Greenleaf, Lucious Spiller,  Marcus “Mookie” Cartwright, Gaye Adegbalola, and the Laura Morvan Band. 

    Also performing are: The Sterling Billingsley Band, Blind Mississippi Morris, Rip Lee Pryor, Wampus Cats, Mike Wheeler Band, Rodney Block, Six String Andrew, Sean McDonald, D.R. Diamond & Birthright Blues Project, The Youngbloods of Hot Springs,  Andrea Staten, Charles Wilson Band, Dejeana Burks, Margie Turner, Earnestine Barze, Butch Mudbone, Austin “Walkin’” Cane,  Jessie Cotton Stone, Big T Williams, The Pope of Pimping Fillmore Slim, Andy T & Alabama Mike, Sweet Angel, The Blue Monday  Blues Band featuring King Edward, Bigg Robb, Sean Bad Apple, Lady Trucker, Garry Burnside, Jamaiah Rogers, and many more. 

    Don Wilcock

    On Wednesday, October 6th at the Main Stage, prior to the Michael Burks Memorial Jam, Don Wilcock will host a tribute to Kim Wilson beginning at 5:00 p.m. The Biscuit also features a Tour da Delta Bike Ride, 5K Run, Blues Symposium, Kansas-city  sanctioned BBQ & Blues on the Levee, and more. For tickets, visit King Biscuit Festival.

    Editorial note: Don Wilcock, longtime contributor to ABS, will be holding his annual Call and Response Blues Symposium at the Malco Theater, Sunday, October 9th at 1:15 p.m. The Keeping the Blues Alive Award-winning writer wrote Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues, The story of blues legend Buddy Guy, his 35 years on the scene, and his influence on rock and roll.


    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6 Sonny Boy Williamson Main Stage 


    Sonny Boy Williamson Main Stage 

    Fillmore Slim – 12:00pm to 12:55pm 

    Tribute to Kim Wilson – 5:00pm to 6:00pm 

    Michael Burks Memorial Jam – 6:00pm until 


    Sonny Boy Williamson Main Stage  

    SBBS IBC Bands Winner Fonky Donkey – 11:00am to 11:50am Wampus Cats – 12:00pm to 12:50pm 

    Mike Wheeler Band – 1:10pm to 2:15pm 

    Sterling Billingsley Band – 2:35pm to 3:40pm 

    Rodney Block – 4:00pm to 5:10pm 

    Kentucky Headhunters – 5:30pm to 6:40pm 

    Fabulous Thunderbirds with Kim Wilson – 7:00pm to 8:10pm Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues with Bobby Rush – 8:30 until 

    Front Porch Stage 

    Front Porch Blues Jam hosted by Brotha Ric Patton – 1:00pm to 3:00pm 


    Bit-O-Blues Stage 

    Six String Andrew – 9:00am to 9:30pm 

    Sean McDonald – 9:45am to 10:15pm 

    Grace Kuch – 10:30am to 11:00am 

    D.R. Diamond & Birthright Blues Project – 11:15am to 12:00pm The Youngbloods of Hot Springs – 12:15pm to 1:00pm 

    Front Porch Stage 

    RL Boyce – 12:00pm to 12:45pm 

    Veronika Jackson – 1:00pm to 1:45pm 

    Johnny B Sanders & Queen Iretta Blues – 2:00pm to 2:45pm The Blue Monday Blues Band featuring King Edward – 3:00pm to 3:45pm Bigg Robb – 4:00pm to 5:00pm 

    Lockwood Stackhouse Stage 

    Andrea Staten – 1:00pm to 1:45pm 

    Rip Lee Pryor – 2:00pm to 2:45pm 

    Gaye Adegbalola – 3:00pm to 3:45pm 

    Charles Wilson Band – 4:00pm to 4:45pm 

    John Watkins Band – 5:00pm to 5:45pm 

    Dejeana Burks, Margie Turner, Earnestine Barze – 6:00pm to 7:00pm Maurice John Vaughn – 7:20pm to 8:30pm 

    CeDell Davis Memorial Stage 

    Butch Mudbone – 2:00pm to 2:45pm 

    Austin “Walkin’” Cane – 3:00pm to 3:45pm 

    CW Gatlin Band – 4:00pm to 4:45pm 

    Jessie Cotton Stone – 5:00pm to 5:45pm 

    Lucious Spiller – 6:00pm to 6:45pm 

    Big T Williams – 7:00pm to 7:45pm 

    Paul Oscher Allstar Band – 8:00pm to 9:00pm 

    Laura Morvan Band – 1:10pm to 2:10pm 

    Lonnie Shields – 2:30pm to 3:40pm 

    Reba Russell Band with special guest Susan Marshall –   4:00pm to 5:10pm 

    Andy T & Alabama Mike – 5:35pm to 6:45pm 

    Paul Thorn Band – 7:10pm to 8:20pm 

    Mavis Staples – 8:45pm 


    Lockwood Stackhouse Stage 

    Jayy Hopp with Guest – 1:00pm to 1:45pm 

    Fruteland Jackson – 2:00pm to 2:45pm 

    Mickey Rogers Band – 3:00pm to 3:45pm 

    Diaunah Greenleaf – 4:00pm to 4:45pm 

    Sweet Angel – 5:00pm to 5:45pm 

    The Blue Monday Blues Band featuring King Edward –   6:00pm to 7:00pm 

    Bigg Robb – 7:20pm to 8:30pm 

    Front Porch Stage 

    Sean McDonald – 12:00pm to 12:45pm 

    Detroit Johnny – 1:00pm to 1:45pm 

    Little Willie Farmer – 2:00pm to 2:45pm 

    Dejeana Burks, Margie Turner, Earnestine Barze – 3:00pm to 3:45pm Keith Johnson & The Big Muddy Band – 4:00pm to 5:00pm Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith Band – 5:00pm to 6:00pm Fillmore Slim – 6:15pm to 7:00pm 

    CeDell Davis Memorial Stage 

    Sean Bad Apple – 1:00pm to 1:45pm 

    Spoonfed Blues featuring Mississippi Spoonman – 2:00pm to 2:45pm Lady Trucker – 3:00pm to 3:45pm 

    Garry Burnside Band – 4:00pm to 4:45pm 

    Phillip Stackhouse Band – 5:00pm to 5:45pm 

    Jamaiah “Blues Superman” Rogers – 6:00pm to 6:45pm Keith Johnson & The Big Muddy Band – 7:00pm to 7:45pm Blind Mississippi Morris – 8:00pm to 9:00pm 

    Sonny Boy Williamson Main Stage 

    Marcus “Mookie” Cartwright – 12:00pm to 12:55pm Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith & Bob Stroger – 1:10pm to 2:15pm Nora Jan Wallace – 2:35pm to 3:40pm 

    Wayne Baker Brooks – 4:00pm to 5:10pm 

    Anson Funderburgh – 5:30pm to 6:35pm 

    Thornetta Davis – 6:55pm to 8:10pm 

    Allman Betts – 8:40pm 

    Shooter Jennings Featured In/Composed Soundtrack For New ‘Chasing Whiskey’ Jack Daniel’s Doc (Out Now)

    Shooter Jennings Featured In/Composed Soundtrack For New ‘Chasing Whiskey’ Jack Daniel’s Doc (Out Now)

    Big Hassle Media

    Feature-length film includes original music composed and performed by Shooter Jennings

    Movie City Films, in association with Evolve Studios, is proud to announce the premiere of the new documentary, Chasing Whiskey – The Untold Story of Jack Daniel’s, available now across all streaming platforms. Much more than a simple narrative chronicling the origins and impact of the iconic Tennessee whiskey, the full-length film features original music composed and performed by 2x GRAMMY® Award-winner Shooter Jennings, who also appears alongside such famous names as Tim Matheson, Eric Church, John Grisham, Tina Sinatra, and many more.

    A 57,000 mile journey across five countries and 16 time zones that is equal parts thought-provoking, insightful, moving, and hilarious, Chasing Whiskey is available now on iTunes, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and YouTube. Additional platforms will follow in the coming weeks, including VUDU, Comcast Xfinity, Dish Network, and DirecTV.

    The original music featured on the Chasing Whiskey soundtrack was recorded in 2017 with Jennings providing piano and synthesizer alongside an all-star lineup of musicians that includes legendary Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum, Michael Devin (Whitesnake, From The Earth) on bass, harmonica, and vocals, Jesse Dayton (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson) on guitar and vocals, and longtime collaborator/fiddle player Aubrey Richmond (Duff McKagen, Mustangs of the West).

    The Jack Daniel’s brand has been an iconic image of American Cool for generations, its instantly identifiable bottle linked with equally archetypal artists spanning Frank Sinatra to the Rolling Stones, as well as films like Animal House, The Shining, and countless others. From the small town of Lynchburg, TN – where every drop of Jack Daniel’s is made – to Beverly Hills, the outback of Australia, and the streets of Havana, Cuba, Chasing Whiskey documents a cultural exploration into why people all over the world identify so deeply with one of the most distinctly American brands. Through it all, Jack Daniel’s serves as the compass on a journey that offers a unique glimpse into humanity, shared value, differing views, dreams, and delusions.

    A Secret Weapon Films, Stray Dog LLC Production, Chasing Whiskey was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Greg Olliver. Known for such landmark documentaries as 2010’s widely praised Lemmy (chronicling the life and times of Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister), Olliver has spent a decade crafting honest, compelling stories about iconic musicians, war heroes, major brands, and more in a long series of award-winning feature documentaries, narrative films, and short-form branded content work.

    “Why is whiskey so intertwined with popular culture, and how did Jack Daniel’s become the most iconic whiskey brand in the world?,” says Olliver. “These are some of the questions we were asking as we began our journey on Chasing Whiskey. Fortunately, no matter where we went, from Tennessee to Japan to Cuba to the outback of Australia – and even Scotland – we always found someone who had a compelling, personal story to tell about Jack. With unprecedented access that was given to us by Jack Daniel’s, we uncovered surprising stories that began even before Jack started making his own whiskey. We’re proud to present this insightful, whiskey-infused adventure that tells the story of Jack that’s been more than a hundred-and-fifty years in the making.”

    For more information, visit

    For nearly two decades, Shooter Jennings has defied expectation while constantly expanding the parameters of country, rock ‘n’ roll, and beyond. The scion of American music royalty, he has affirmed his own place in histories still to come as a truly limitless artist whose ambitious experimentation spans myriad genres and creative platforms, from releasing eight solo LPs, countless EPs, and founding his own label and multimedia outlet, Black Country Rock, to hosting his “Shooter Jennings’ Electric Rodeo” on Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country channel, and the creation of acclaimed BBS Door games. In addition, Jennings is among today’s most in-demand producers, with credits including his mom, Jessi Colter, Jamey Johnson, Wanda Jackson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Hellbound Glory, and many more. In 2019, Jennings received two prestigious GRAMMY® Awards – one honoring his work alongside longtime friend and co-producer, Dave Cobb, on Brandi Carlile’s blockbuster sixth studio album, By the Way, I Forgive You, and the other for his work with the legendary Tanya Tucker on her 2020 smash While I’m Livin’.


    Quinn Sullivan Marks A Creative Turning Point On ‘Wide Awake’

    Quinn Sullivan Marks A Creative Turning Point On ‘Wide Awake’

    Jon Bleicher / Prospect PR

    “My new album really shows how I’ve grown over these last few years as an artist and as a human being. I feel like I’m finally stepping into new territory as a songwriter and discovering my sound a lot more.” – Quinn Sullivan

    Quinn Sullivan is opening a new chapter of his already impressive career with the release of Wide Awake, his new full-length album, out June 4th via Mascot Label Group. Just 21-years-old, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist has already toured the world, collaborated with rock’s biggest legends, and developed genuinely jaw-dropping skills as a guitar player. But now, as captured in the video for “How Many Tears,” Sullivan’s more recent work has been with pen and paper, as he lets the abundant skills of his youth blossom and steer him into new directions of artistry and creativity.

    “How Many Tears” is a reflection of how I was feeling about love and relationships back in high school,” Quinn said. “I had thought about myself during those times and I’d see so many guys treating girls so horribly, so I never understood why those girls would always go after those types of guys. I had never written a song about this subject before, but it just felt honest and comes from a very real and genuine place, which is why it’s one of my favorite songs on the new album. Trevor Banks, who directed the video, suggested we have an interpretive dancer come in to dance to the song as I was performing it. We ended up finding Matilda Sakamoto, who was the absolute perfect dancer to fill that role. She brought so much life and emotion to not only the video but to the song.”

    Wide Awake showcases the kind of forward motion that separates the artists from the mere players. “My new album really shows how I’ve grown over these last few years as an artist and as a human being. I feel like I’m finally stepping into new territory as a songwriter and discovering my sound a lot more. Like most artists, you always want to be learning, evolving and growing, and Oliver Leiber was the perfect producer and musical partner to work with. For me, Wide Awake bridges the gap between me as a guitar player, vocalist and songwriter, and ties everything together into one album.”

    A rare artist who’s always sounded older than his years, Sullivan has been touring the world since he was 11-years-old, playing storied venues such as Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl and RFK Stadium in Washington D.C., as well as India’s Mahindra Blues Festival, Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, and three Montreux Jazz Festivals. Quinn has shared the stage with his hero and mentor Buddy Guy, as well as Carlos Santana on several occasions. Quinn’s performance experience includes appearances on leading national television programs Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and CBS This Morning, to name a few.

    But as he moves into this new chapter, Sullivan’s constant credo has been growth and learning. “I want to stay true to where I come from, and go from there,” says Sullivan. “The artists that inspire me to do that are always hungry for the new. They never repeat themselves. They just grow and become more unique — and that’s what I aim to do as an artist.”

    Quinn Sullivan

    Jefferson Berry & the UAC To Release Fourth Full Length LP ‘Soon!’ April 23

    Jefferson Berry & the UAC To Release Fourth Full Length LP ‘Soon!’ April 23

    American Blues Scene Staff

    Album release shows scheduled for May!

    On April 23rd, Jefferson Berry & the UAC will release their fourth studio album, Soon! As the follow up to their critically lauded 2020 release Double Deadbolt Logic, the album was written and recorded during quarantine. The band will play two local dates to celebrate the album’s release on May 22nd at Jamey’s House of Music and May 23rd at Malelani Cafe.

    Photo courtesy of Maggie Poulos/Mixtape Media

    Americana for better urban living, Soon! tells stories of city people through the medium of acoustic-jamband music. The album features seven original songs by Berry: Tales of lovers separated by the pandemic, the changing landscape of neighborhoods and the workplace, memories of heroes and villains as well as the anticipation of the reunion of the tribes. “Pass You By” (Gillian Welch/David Rawlings) and “When The Earth Moves Again” (Paul Kantner) get reimagined by the virtuosity of the band’s soloists: Bud Burroughs, Marky B! Berkowitz and Dave Brown. Jefferson Berry and the Urban Acoustic Coalition are a band of uncompromising rock played on acoustic guitar, mandolin, lap steel, banjos and harmonicas.

     “What families, lovers and communities have been going through during the plague has been unnatural. Surreal. The only thing that has managed to keep us sane is the notion that this will be over Soon,” says Berry.

    Jefferson Berry & the UAC combine story telling in the Urban Folk tradition with the intricacies of Jam Band and Roots instrumentation. These songs are performed by a cadre of unique players: The Urban Acoustic Coalition, a band anchored by the mastery of Bud Burroughs, Dave Brown and Marky B! Berkowitz.  While acoustic by nature, never missing is the locked-in bass/drums drive of Uncle Mike and Caleb Estey. Complementing all this with a variety of guitar styles, Berry’s projects bring a danceable style and contemporary point of view to a unique wing of Philadelphia’s local music scene.

     Listen to the LP’s first single, “We’ll Soon Be Together.”


    Connect with Jefferson Berry & the UAC: Official | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram


    Patti Parks Gears Up For New Album Release ‘Whole Nother World’

    Patti Parks Gears Up For New Album Release ‘Whole Nother World’

    American Blues Scene Staff

    After hearing Patti at the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge, famed American Bluesman Kenny Neal signed her to his Booga Music label and brought her to his Baton Rouge, Louisiana studio to produce, arrange, and perform on this eclectic gem.

    Kenny Neal’s Booga Music and VizzTone are proud to present Buffalo Music Hall-of-Famer Patti Parks. She’s a riveting live performer, with a soulful and sensual voice that cranks out an uplifting, ebullient blend of Chicago Blues, Funk and Memphis Soul.

    After hearing Patti at the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge, famed American Bluesman Kenny Neal signed her to his Booga Music label and brought her to his Baton Rouge, Louisiana studio to produce, arrange, and perform on this eclectic gem.

    Neal joins Patti for a vocal duet on the track “Baby Bee,” also providing harmonica and guitar on that song as well as others on this diverse, satisfying album. Whole Nother World is scheduled for release through Booga Music/VizzTone on May 28, 2021.

    In addition to being a sizzling blues performer, Patti is also a working nurse, and the creator of the Nurs’n Blues education program, which she developed to help high risk children at drug rehab centers.

    Parks’ original album, Cheat’n Man, continues to have radio play all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States. Patti has received outstanding reviews from famous blues music magazines, and done several live interviews from Belgium’s own Purple Haze Radio Show to Rambling Night Blues in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Patti Parks

    Margo Price Becomes First Female Artist Elected to Farm Aid Board of Directors

    Margo Price Becomes First Female Artist Elected to Farm Aid Board of Directors

    American Blues Scene Staff

    “One of the greatest honors of my life” says Price, who joins Board Members Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews & the newly elected Annie Nelson.

    Today, Margo Price is proud to become the first female artist elected to the Farm Aid Board of Directors. Through a unanimous vote, both Price and life-long family farm advocate and humanitarian Annie Nelson join board members Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews and six industry professionals in a commitment to further the organization’s efforts to build a vibrant, family farm-centered system of agriculture in America.

    Since performing at her first Farm Aid concert in 2016, Price has not missed a year of the festival, and her dedication to Farm Aid’s mission stretches back even further. In accepting her distinguished new role, Price says:

    It is always a thrill to perform alongside my heroes on the Farm Aid stage, and it is one of the greatest honors of my life to become a member of the Farm Aid board. It’s been a dream of mine to help family farmers and communities across America ever since my family lost their farm in the fall of 1984 – a year before the first Farm Aid concert. I hope to use my voice to shine light on the issues of climate change, our health and the health of our soil and water, and, most importantly, food justice.

    Price is the second artist to ever be added to Farm Aid’s Board of Directors, following Dave Matthews’ appointment in 2001 (Mellencamp, Nelson and Young are founding members). In addition to hosting the annual Farm Aid Festival, she will work closely to help the organization rally against corporate consolidation, deploy funds and resources to strengthen farm families facing ongoing challenges, and nurture a cultural movement that values the people who bring good food to our tables.

    Joining the Farm Aid Board of Directors is one of the many new responsibilities Margo Price has proudly taken on over the past year. In a recent profile for The New York Times business series, “Like a Boss,” Price broke down her pandemic work diary – from writing and editing a memoir, to recording two new albums and more while raising her two children.

    Last week, Margo penned a powerful, personal essay for GQ, on her decision to quit drinking at the start of 2021. She describes the choice as the most rebellious thing she has ever done, and throughout the piece she reflects on radical change, feminism and facing the uncertain future with a clearer mind and fuller heart.

    On May 28th, Margo Price will headline her first in-person concert of 2021. The socially-distanced show will take place outdoors at The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater in Pelham, TN, where she and her band will perform sets full of music from her latest album, That’s How Rumors Get Started. Find tickets and details on COVID-19 safety guidelines here.

    Watch Margo Price and Nathaniel Rateliff team up for tremendous renditions of Rumors highlights “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Prisoner Of The Highway” and “Hey Child” on last month’s return of CMT Crossroads.

    Margo Price
    Farm Aid

    *Feature image Bobbi Rich

    Alastair Greene Drops Second Single From ‘The New World Blues’ – ‘Heroes (Acoustic Version)’

    Alastair Greene Drops Second Single From ‘The New World Blues’ – ‘Heroes (Acoustic Version)’

    American Blues Scene Staff

    “Lyrically it’s a tough one to get through when I sing it because it conjures up so many memories of people in my life that are no longer with us. It’s bitter sweet.” – Alastair Greene

    Tab Benoit’s Whiskey Bayou Records has just released another acoustic single from accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist Alastair Greene. The new track is a solo acoustic version of “Heroes” from Greene’s critically acclaimed album, The New World Blues, produced by Benoit. The single follows the February release of the first solo acoustic single, “Bayou Mile.” “Heroes” is available now worldwide.

    The New World Blues hit the streets in October 2020, landing on the Billboard Blues Chart for multiple weeks, peaking at number three. SiriusXM’s Bluesville has given a home to three songs from the album, giving heavy airplay to “Living Today,” with “No Longer Amused” sitting comfortably on their Top 15 countdown. Joe Bonamassa featured Greene’s “Bayou Mile,” one of the tracks co-written with Benoit, on Bonamassa’s Bluesville show. Joe enthusiastically announced, “Alastair Greene is killing it! Singing great, writing great, he’s at the height of his powers.”

    A highly in-demand guitarist and vocalist, Greene traveled the world, touring with the legendary Alan Parsons Live Project from 2010 – 2017, as well as stints with Starship featuring Mickey Thomas and, most recently, Blues Music Award-winner Sugaray Rayford. His work with Parsons, in particular, sparked a conversation with renowned multi-instrumentalist and producer Tab Benoit in Las Vegas at the Big Blues Bender. In 2019, Greene signed with Benoit’s Whiskey Bayou Records label. Armed with a cache of new material, Greene decamped to Benoit’s Houma, Louisiana studio outside New Orleans to track The New World Blues. With Benoit on drums and bassist Corey Duplechin, the three formed a classic power trio, recording nearly the entire album live in the studio.

    “Heroes” was the second song I co-wrote with Tab while we were recording ‘The New World Blues,’ along with “Bayou Mile.” I’d had that main chord progression lying around for years and was just strumming it on a guitar when Corey said ‘What’s that?’ I told him they were some chords I’d been messing with forever. Tab said, ‘That’s cool. I’m hearing that it’s a song about heroes.’ I said, ‘Give me a day I’ll write some lyrics!’

    So I wrote the lyrics and came back to Tab and told him I just needed a killer chord change for the chorus. He paused and then said, ‘Try C, E minor, and D.’ Next thing I knew the song was finished! Lyrically it’s a tough one to get through when I sing it because it conjures up so many memories of people in my life that are no longer with us. It’s bitter sweet. This song translates so well to acoustic guitar that it was an obvious choice to record. Once again (like the acoustic version of “Bayou Mile”) this is live in the studio with no overdubs. —Alastair Greene

    Here’s a taste of “Heroes.”

    Greene plans to tour heavily in support of the album this summer with the multi Grammy nominated Benoit as Tab Benoit and the Whiskey Bayou Revue, featuring Alastair Greene. Be on the lookout for tour dates across the country at Greene’s website.

    Alastair Greene
    Purchase “Heroes (Acoustic Version)”

    *Feature image by Sean McCue

    Maggie Rose Shares “What Are We Fighting For” Official Music Video

    Maggie Rose Shares “What Are We Fighting For” Official Music Video

    Big Hassle Media

    New album ‘Have A Seat’ out everywhere Friday, August 20th

    Nashville-based rock and soul singer-songwriter Maggie Rose is unveiling a trilogy of music videos to be released accompanying her forthcoming album Have A Seat, due out on August 20 via Starstruck Records. The first clip is for the gospel-charged single, “What Are We Fighting For” which was produced by Jared Rauso/Bolo Brothers and directed by Ford Fairchild.

    Photo courtesy of Ken Weinstein

    Like any great soul singer, Rose beautifully captures the tensions of the current moment, gently presenting her pensive social commentary while providing a much-needed reprieve from the everyday chaos.

    “These songs were written during a contentious time, and there are undertones to the lyrics that are influenced by the state of our world politics and the politics of the music industry,” she says. “The title Have a Seat is responsorial, placing an emphasis on inclusivity — like, ‘Here, sit down. Let’s try talking to each other.’ One of the most loving things we can do is listen and make others feel heard — give people the space to speak their mind and be themselves. However, there’s also an intended meaning to the title that points to the power in occupying the seat that’s designated to you: I am claiming a seat I believe is rightfully mine, and I want others to do the same.”

    The album is Rose’s third full-length and was produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes at the iconic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. In a series of pre-pandemic sessions, Rose recorded live with a lineup of heavy-hitters that includes bassist David Hood of the Swampers (the group of session musicians who played on records from legends like Aretha Franklin and Etta James) and guitarist Will McFarlane (Bonnie Raitt, Levon Helm), along with her longtime bandmates/collaborators Larry Florman (background vocals/percussion), Alex Haddad (guitars), and Sarah Tomek (drums) of Them Vibes, as well as guests such as Marcus King, among others.

    Rose also recently announced two upcoming live music events in April. The first is presented by Live For Live Music from Cervantes in Denver, Colorado on April 16. The special live performance event will include an early show at 6:45 pm MDT, a late show at 9:45 pm MDT and will be available to live stream via Mandolin. A portion of ticket proceeds benefiting Sweet Relief. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

    On April 28, Rose will host her podcast Salute The Songbirds as a live concert event at City Winery in Nashville, TN. The event, presented by Osiris Media, will feature performances from Elizabeth Cook, Jillette Johnson, Kalie Shorr, Nicole Atkins and Nicki Bluhm. Fans can also tune in to live stream the show via Mandolin A portion of proceeds from the event will benefit Women in Music and can be purchased HERE.

    Pre-order Have A Seat

    Atlanta Bluesman Eddie 9V to Drop New Album May 28th

    Atlanta Bluesman Eddie 9V to Drop New Album May 28th

    American Blues Scene Staff

    This record catches everything that went down at a session that felt more like a party, as Eddie leads the line-up through nine new songs – plus three classic covers – that retool the soul-blues genre on his own terms, reminding a new generation why this music hits so hard.

    Eddie 9V (9-Volt) is proud to announce that his new album, Little Black Flies, will be released via Ruf Records on May 28th.

    All his life, Eddie has acted on instinct. At the tender age of 15, this old soul turned away from the age-old traditional path of school and jobs to attack his native Atlanta, Georgia’s blues club circuit. Flash forward to 2019, and for his debut album, Left My Soul in Memphis, the prodigious multi-instrumentalist simply powered up the amps in his mobile trailer and with his brother/co-writer/producer, Lane Kelly, laid down one of the year’s breakout releases. “Memphis was a total side project,” shrugs Eddie, “that ended up taking off.”

    Little Black Flies is the 24-year-old’s most impulsive move to date. Tracked live in Atlanta’s Echo Deco Studios, with Lane once again turning the knobs. It’s an album that Eddie planned to feel like it’s unfolding right in front of you – right down to the clink of bottles and loose studio banter. “I’ve seen a trend in modern recording,” he says. “There’s no soul. I took inspiration from Albert Collins, Otis Rush, Mike Bloomfield. All those great records were done live with their buddies and no overdubs. I wanted the playing to be spot-on – but even if we made a mistake, we kept going.”

    Born in June 1996 to a non-musical family living ten miles south of Atlanta, Eddie still remembers his fateful first guitar. “I was six, and it was one of those with the speaker in it – get the most bang for your buck, y’know?” he muses. While manufactured pop dominated the airwaves as he grew up, Eddie forked hard left, digging back into the catalogs of blues giants like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Freddie King, and Rory Gallagher. “I studied the older cats,” he explains, “saw what made them groove and tick.” As for his freewheeling lyrics, Eddie credits his home life, “I’ve been making words up on the spot for years – my Uncle Brian taught me how to do that at our family fish fries. How to make people laugh, how to hold an audience’s attention.”

    Eddie still recalls the frustration of watching local musicians load into the fabled clubs of Atlanta. “My first heroes were the local legends like Sean Costello, but I was too young to go see them,” he remembers. When he finally made it inside, it was as a performer, learning his craft at the sharp end, and at precocious speed, with early vehicles like the cover band The Smokin’ Frogs and its maturing blues-rock offshoot, The Georgia Flood. “My first step in being a professional musician was learning how to accept failure,” says Eddie. “As a nobody, the music business is a dartboard. You just hope something sticks.”

    In 2013 – and before Eddie had even graduated high school – The Georgia Flood represented the Atlanta Blues Society in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. That band spilled over into the indie-rock PREACHERVAN, but perhaps the pivotal moment came in 2019 when he dropped his name – Brooks Mason – and adopted the Eddie 9V moniker for his solo work.

    Since that rebirth, he’s not only pricked up the ears of the music press, but earned a respect on the scene that made it easy to recruit local heroes for the Little Black Flies sessions. “Every player is the best of their craft,” says Eddie of his studio band, “and that’s why I picked ’em. We had the Tedeschi Trucks Band’s bass player Brandon Boone and Cody Matlock, on guitar. Everybody’s mood was so exciting. The energy was there.”

    This record catches everything that went down at a session that felt more like a party, as Eddie leads the line-up through nine new songs – plus three classic covers – that retool the soul-blues genre on his own terms, reminding a new generation why this music hits so hard. Horns blast, drums rattle, slide guitars howl and at the heart of it all is Eddie’s stinging guitar and unmistakable vocal, the bandleader thrilling us one minute with his soul-man holler, then spinning story songs like he’s sat on the next barstool. “The title track,” he explains, “was a narrative about me being in love with the girl in the apartment upstairs, who was being abused, and wanting to do something about it. “3 AM In Chicago” is about America’s unfairness between race and income levels, but also wanting to improve on the situation. “Puttin’ The Kids To Bed” was a total ‘let’s hurry this up and get down to business’ song.”

    With Little Black Flies, there’s a sense of an artist coming full circle, and at the same time coming of age, the kid who once loitered outside the clubs of Atlanta now leading some of Georgia’s greatest players into the studio. Indeed, these recordings gave much-needed catharsis to the musicians who created them. But perhaps Eddie’s ultimate aim is to pass that spirit on to everyone who hears the record. “It makes my day to please someone after they work all day,” he says. “My job is to make them smile and let the music make them forget – or remember.”

    Eddie 9V Facebook

    Scotland’s Liz Jones Pays Tribute To Guitar Legend Peter Green At Virtual Edinburgh Festival

    Scotland’s Liz Jones Pays Tribute To Guitar Legend Peter Green At Virtual Edinburgh Festival

    David Scott

    “Peter Green was the only guitarist that ever made me sweat.” – B.B. King

    One of UK’s most celebrated guitarists, Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green, passed away nearly a year ago. In recognition of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s achievements, Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival have organized an online tribute concert for Thursday, April 22nd.

    Liz Jones and her band will perform a selection of Peter’s best work including early Fleetwood Mac tracks such as “Albatross” and “Man Of The World.” The musicians include two of Edinburgh’s finest guitarists, the ‘Godfather of Scottish Blues’ John Bruce and rising star Jon MacKenzie, both more than capable of carrying Peter’s mantle. The popular and highly rated blues harp maestro Gary Martin makes a guest appearance alongside the rest of the band, bassist Jennifer Clark and Pat McCann on drums.

    Liz is the ideal candidate to lead this tribute because of her powerful, mellifluous and, above all, bluesy voice together with accompanying tasteful and innovative axe work. Liz is steeped in a wide range of musical influences and genres including blues, classic rock and folk roots. Check out her talent on the recently premiered single, “Candle,” Liz Jones & Broken Windows — a precursor to an upcoming album release, available on all major streaming platforms.

    When you are asked to tribute a blues legend of choice, your mind whirls: so many greats, so many favorites. Peter Green had it all, exceptional guitar, timeless songwriting, a real voice for the music and a bitter sweet rock and roll story. Almost a year after his death we tip our hat to the man that gave us a full scale of emotions through his music, the most delicate and sweetest, the most wild and hedonistic and always recognizably him. It is a challenge, an honor, but mostly a deep joy, playing his music.

    Not a lot more needs to be said to anyone that knows his music, as to why we chose him to celebrate.  Personally, I’m a song-writer in awe of Peter, and I’m a huge fan of blues guitar, with luck enough to have a couple of excellent players in my phonebook. John and Jon didn’t need much persuading! The early Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac took a huge amount of influence from classic blues & early electric blues which unsurprisingly we all love. From a ‘show’ point of view, there is a wide range of styles in the songs, from this more authentic blues, through to some seriously heavy guitar for the time, and then to the delicate “Albatross” with timeless popularity.

    There’s so much to choose from, so many dynamics. We deliberated over “Albatross”: How on earth do you cover this? But we went for it because ultimately it is simply a gorgeous piece of music and its huge popularity helped the band on their way to a deserved high place in history. We picked our favorite Fleetwood Mac songs, and one from Peter’s later music with The Splinter group, because it has such confident and undeniably Green licks, and is a testament to the people around Peter that helped bring him back to music.

    We decided not to only choose tunes written by him because part of his magic was putting out a sublime cover.  We really hope our covers are enjoyed, in the manner of celebrating and keeping alive his wonderful legacy, in the sweet acceptance nothing will ever match the man himself, or be quite like Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. – Liz Jones

    Liz Jones Music


    Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, Leon Bridges, Larkin Poe, Tom Morello, More Added To Backline’s ‘Set Break’ Livestream

    Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, Leon Bridges, Larkin Poe, Tom Morello, More Added To Backline’s ‘Set Break’ Livestream

    American Blues Scene Staff

    Backline announces ‘Set Break,’ livestream event on April 10, calling awareness to mental health crisis in the music industry one year after the pandemic shut down live events

    On April 10th, Backline will host Set Break, their first-ever livestream fundraiser on The Relix Channel, exclusively on Twitch—featuring live performances from all over the world, public service announcements from music industry professionals, and immersive wellness experiences.

    Following their initial announcement, the non-profit organization, which connects music industry professionals with mental health and wellness resources, has added musical performances from Old Dominion, Wyclef Jean & Jerry Wonda (The Fugees), Bailey Bryan, Fruition’s Mimi Naja, Phoffman of Greensky Bluegrass, Souleye, and a DJ set from Vacationer’s Kenny Vasoli. Additionally, there will be special appearances from Rage Against The Machine frontman Tom Morello, as well as Lily Cornell Silver, mental health advocate and daughter of Chris Cornell, Khruangbin frontwoman Laura Leezy, famed photographer Danny Clinch, and YOLA.

    This new wave of talent joins a genre-spanning lineup that includes Alanis Morissette, Leon Bridges, Dawes, Black Pumas, Sara Bareilles, Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, Ben Folds, Oteil Burbridge, Los Lobos, Michael Franti, K. Flay, Galactic, American Authors, Larkin Poe, Deer Tick, DJ Millie, and a chorus of voices calling out for increased access to mental health and wellness support services for the music industry.

    To further present an opportunity for collective healing for all those affected by the last year’s closures of the live events industry, Set Break will include immersive wellness experiences from Wanderlust, Breathwrk, The Big Quiet, and Meditation Studio by Muse.

    Set Break will also feature experiences from Backline partners Black Mental Health Alliance, National Independent Venue Association, and Tour Health Research Initiative (THRIV), who will be debuting the findings from the largest study on tour professionals.

    Set Break is a free event, but there will be many opportunities to donate and support the mental health of the music industry. In addition to benefiting Backline, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Crew Nation, Live Nation’s global relief fund for live music crews, and Sweet Relief’s Mental Health Fund, which provides financial assistance to music industry workers seeking therapy and other forms of mental health care, who may otherwise be struggling to make ends meet. Fans can even turn their physical activity into charitable donations by signing up for wellness app Sweatcoin anytime before the event.

    Partners on the event include fan-to-fan ticket exchange platform Lyte, production company Club House Global, Dayglo Presents, and Recovery 2.0


    John Fusco Announces Creation of Rocket 88 Records

    John Fusco Announces Creation of Rocket 88 Records

    American Blues Scene Staff

    “Rocket 88 will allow me to steer my own creative content ship while also being an ally to young songwriters and bands who deserve to have their voices widely heard.” – John Fusco

    Filmmaker-Musician John Fusco — known for creating the blues cult movie Crossroads, as well as Young Guns, Hidalgo, The Highwaymen, the Oscar-nominated Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and more — continues an impressive return to his music roots, announcing the creation of a new label, Rocket 88 Records. Named for the Sam Phillips-produced Delta Cats single that is arguably the first rock and roll record ever released, the label will be New York City based along with Fusco’s new Rocket 88 music publishing company.

    Fusco’s first two albums; a self-titled debut followed by the double album John the Revelator have been lauded by music critics and charted in the Roots Music Report. His upcoming third LP, due out this August, will be the first release on Rocket 88 Records. From there, Fusco hopes to expand and amplify new and diverse voices across an open style spectrum built on the bedrock of American roots music. He also plans on utilizing the new label as a platform for several of his upcoming original movie musicals.

    Music has always been a part of my storytelling, but I’m excited that it has come back into my creative life in such an unexpected but innate and meaningful way. My screenwriting and songwriting are becoming increasingly integrated and I’m now at work on original recordings that explore unified narratives with cinematic scope. Rocket 88 will allow me to steer my own creative content ship while also being an ally to young songwriters and bands who deserve to have their voices widely heard.

    To further the growth of his music Fusco and Rocket 88 Records have also signed with MD25 Entertainment to further promote and curate his copyrights and music projects globally through their partner BMG.

    Fusco’s son and creative partner, Giovanni Fusco, will serve as Vice President and Director of New Media Operations at Rocket 88.

    Woody Guthrie Center Exhibit Showcasing American Protest Songs Opening May 21st

    Woody Guthrie Center Exhibit Showcasing American Protest Songs Opening May 21st

    American Blues Scene Staff

    “It tells the story of how music of all kinds has played a role in America’s political arena, particularly as a form of protest and as an agent for political, social, racial, and economic change.” – Bob Santelli, GRAMMY Museum founding Executive Director and exhibit curator.

    Songs of Conscience, Sounds of Freedom the newest exhibit set to open at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, examines the role of music in informing and inspiring social consciousness throughout American history, featuring an array of musicians across decades and genres, all using their art to push toward a more equitable world. The exhibit is set to open May 21, 2021, and it will include Chicago guitarist Dave Specter’s “The Ballad of George Floyd,” featuring harp legend Billy Branch. Written and released on Delmark Records during the aftermath of his tragic death, it features Specter’s searing guitars and the melancholic harp of Branch.

    Specter recalls, “I wrote the song a few days after George Floyd was murdered and the lyrics pretty much wrote themselves. Injustice’s toll from an endless cycle of racist violence and police brutality. And it just happened again with Jacob Blake. I was reminded of a tweet from Congress member Karen Bass, that when mass murderer Dylan Roof killed 9 people in church, the police bought him Burger King. Dylan Roof is white. But George Floyd didn’t die in vain. He helped spark a worldwide movement for justice and change. I am proud to collaborate with the great Chicago bluesman, Billy Branch on this tune. We share the same vision and are inspired by the words of John Lewis: ‘If it hadn’t been for music, the civil rights movement would’ve been like a bird without wings’.”

    The exhibit explores music’s role in major social movements as well as the smaller steps in between. Charting a path from spirituals that were sung by enslaved people in America, to the labor movement struggles that Guthrie wrote about in songs like “1913 Massacre,” to the mass movement of music and art that helped to stir action during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to the continued fight for racial justice in America today, the exhibit spans time and genre to tell the stories of music’s role as an inspiration and an educator.

    “It tells the story of how music of all kinds has played a role in America’s political arena, particularly as a form of protest and as an agent for political, social, racial, and economic change,” said Bob Santelli, GRAMMY Museum founding executive director and exhibit curator. “Though it offers a sweeping view of the history of protest music, the exhibit pays special attention to the music inspired by Black Lives Matter and other contemporary struggles for justice and equality in America.”

    Guests can expect to see: handwritten lyrics from Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen, Shemekia Copeland, H.E.R., and others; instruments from Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Josh White, John Mellencamp, and more; “Song Spotlights” that tell the stories of such landmark protest songs as “Strange Fruit,” “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and others; rare performance footage and interviews with prominent topical songwriters and an interactive history of protest music in America.

    Woody Guthrie Center

    Blues-Soul Singer/Songwriter Robert Finley Shares Video for ‘Country Boy’

    Blues-Soul Singer/Songwriter Robert Finley Shares Video for ‘Country Boy’

    American Blues Scene Staff

    The fire behind the conflagrant performances on ‘Sharecropper’s Son’ is ignited by 67-year-old Finley

    Today, Robert Finley dropped “Country Boy,” a funky slice of country soul, and the latest song from forthcoming Sharecropper’s Son — the career-defining new album from “the greatest living soul singer,” released on Easy Eye Sound on May 21 2021. A soulful masterpiece written by Finley and co-written and produced by Dan Auerbach, Sharecropper’s Son features blues veterans and studio legends who have worked with everyone from Elvis to Wilson Pickett. 

    The song’s lyrics recall Finley’s childhood and were improvised as he and the band rolled tape, reminiscent of soul greats including Otis Redding. “When we play live, I always leave room in the show for lyrics I make up on the spot while the band hits a groove,” he explains. “I guess the younger generation calls it free-styling, but for me, it’s just speaking from my mind, straight from my soul.”

    Finley has always been a consummate entertainer and sensational soul singer, but when he lost his sight, he became an overnight success after 67 years of hard work. Finley has a voice that has stood the test of time and can glide from a gut-deep growl to a transcendent falsetto, all in a single phrase. Rooted in the classic sounds of southern soul, country, rhythm and blues, Sharecropper’s Son showcases Finley’s formidable vocals, which take centre stage and encapsulate his remarkable life story. Finley’s stories of pain and joy will uplift as he shares his belief that you are never too young to dream and never too old to live. 

    With songwriting by Finley, Auerbach, Bobby Wood, and contributions from respected country songwriter Pat McLaughlin, Sharecropper’s Son also features an all star band including guitar expertise from Auerbach himself, Mississippi hill country’s Kenny Brown – a blues veteran of R.L. Burnside’s band, and studio legends Russ Pahl, Billy Sanford and Louisiana guitarist Billy Sanford. They are joined by other notables: keyboardist and songwriter Bobby Wood and drum legend Gene Chrisman, who both played a historic role in Memphis and Nashville music. The line-up was completed by bass contributions from dap king Nick Movshon, blues legend Eric Deaton and former Johnny Cash bandmate Dave Roe, as well as a full horn section, and percussion from Sam Bacco. 

    Photo coutesy of Steve Karas

    The fire behind the conflagrant performances on Sharecropper’s Son is ignited by 67-year-old Finley, who has cited a range of vocal influences, including Al Green, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Elvis, James Brown and The Beatles, all inspiring his genre diverse approach. Finley stated, “I want people to understand that I can’t be kept in a box. I like to do all kinds of music—everything that means anything to me, from gospel to blues to soul to country to rock ‘n’ roll.”

    Sharecropper’s Son will be released on May 21 on Easy Eye Sound. There will be an exclusive sunrise yellow vinyl, available from the Easy Eye Sound store only. 


    Pre-order Sharecropper’s Son


    *Feature image: Screengrab of video


    Korby Lenker’s ‘Man In The Maroon’ Set for Release May 21

    Korby Lenker’s ‘Man In The Maroon’ Set for Release May 21

    American Blues Scene Staff

    Listen to the single “All In My Head”

    Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, road warrior, published author, screenwriter and storyteller, Korby Lenker, will release his eighth studio album, Man in the Maroon, on May 21st via Grind Ethos Records, co-produced by Korby and Skylar Wilson. The LP’s eleven tracks include nine songs penned by Korby, a reading of an original short story and an ethereal cover of the timeless classic “Moon River.”

    In March of 2020, Korby found himself marooned at home in East Nashville after his 150 show a year touring schedule ground to a halt.  Man in the Maroon was recorded during the pandemic. Korby recalls: “I remember thinking, ‘who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow?’ and I wanted to create an album as though it were the last thing I’d ever make. A for-the-joy-of-it project,” says the songwriter.

    The album kicks off with a “All In My Head,” an electric, indie folk rocker that reflects on depression and was written during Korby’s nightly jogs that coincided with the 8:00 howl – a 2020 East Nashville, pandemic tradition.

    In addition to a fruitful music career, Korby is also an published author of acclaimed fiction. His 2015 collection of short stories Medium Hero received critical praise of such varied sources as Steve Wozniak and Kirkus Reviews. Korby brings his into a knack for writing into a new medium with a live-reading of “Mose and Ella” a new original short story written for Korby’s patreons, but never published. “I put everything into it I felt about the oxymoron of being a creative person decades into it — how you have to be disciplined but spontaneous, whimsical but serious.”

    “The record is an extension of my live show,” Korby says, “and whenever I play live, my job is to make people forget where they are. I want them to be absolutely present, and I want to give them something that resonates, after the show is over, for as long as possible. It’s really hard to get noticed, to draw skittish eyes your way, but once you have them, you should be trying to give people something that merits the attention. I think about that a lot… It’s not enough to distract. I want to change the world.”

    Korby Lenker has released seven studio albums, toured nationally and internationally up to 200 dates a year, published a 2015 collection of short stories, Medium Hero, created and stars in a developing television series, Morse Code. He has won or been a finalist in several song contests, including Merlefest, New Song Contest, Kerrville, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest and the International Songwriting Competition.

    Following the release of Man in the Maroon, Korby will play select dates and return to regular touring as soon as possible.  He plans to continue to write new music, new fiction, and film new episodes of Morse Code throughout 2021.


    Connect with Korby Lenker: Official | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

    Violent Femmes Collection, ‘Add It Up (1981-1993),’ Available on Vinyl For The First Time Since Initial Limited Pressing

    Violent Femmes Collection, ‘Add It Up (1981-1993),’ Available on Vinyl For The First Time Since Initial Limited Pressing

    Craft Recordings

    Offering fans more than just a compilation of hits, ‘Add It Up’ also spotlights Violent Femmes’ energetic live performances—captured at the height of their career

    As Violent Femmes celebrate their 40th year together, Craft Recordings is pleased to honor the band’s enduring catalog of cult classics with the long out-of-print vinyl reissue of Add It Up (1981–1993). In stores May 21st and available for pre-order today, the popular 1993 collection will also make its return to digital and streaming platforms.

    The 23-track compilation features Violent Femmes’ biggest hits, including “Blister in the Sun,” “American Music,” and “Gone Daddy Gone,” plus live recordings of favorites like “Add It Up,” and “Kiss Off,” alongside a trove of demos, B-sides, interstitial voice recordings, and rarities. Housed in a gatefold jacket, the 2-LP set was pressed at Memphis Records Pressing, with lacquers cut by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. In addition to the standard black 2-LP, a special “Blister Red Marble” edition will be available exclusively via the Violent Femmes and Craft Recordings webstores (limited 500 worldwide). Meanwhile, Indie Retailers will offer an exclusive “Aqua” pressing, and Urban Outfitters will offer a “Violet” variant.    

     Formed in 1981 by Gordon Gano (vocals, guitar), Brian Ritchie (bass), and Victor DeLorenzo (percussion), Violent Femmes caught the ears of America’s underground with their special blend of teenage angst, jittery folk-rock, and punk sensibilities. The Milwaukee group had their first big break later that year while busking outside of the city’s Oriental Theatre, where new wave stars The Pretenders were set to play that evening. The latter band’s guitarist, James Honeyman-Scott, took a liking to the young group and invited them on stage. A year later, New York Times music critic Robert Palmer wrote a glowing review of the band’s live show, comparing Gano to Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, and Jonathan Richman. Amid the growing buzz, Violent Femmes signed to legendary punk label Slash Records (home to The Germs, X, and The Blasters) and, in 1983, released their self-titled debut. 

    Primarily written while Gano was still in high school, Violent Femmes would become the band’s most iconic album, with Gen X anthems like “Blister in the Sun,” “Please Do Not Go,” “Gone Daddy Gone,” and the urgent “Add It Up.” Although Violent Femmes failed to chart upon its release, it was a steady seller, eventually becoming the group’s most successful and critically lauded title. Nearly a decade later, it hit the Billboard 200 (landing at No.171 in 1991) and was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

    The band followed with 1984’s Hallowed Ground. While most material on Hallowed Ground is contemporaneous with the first album songs—all recorded by the Milwaukee-based producer and composer Mark Van Hecke—the tone of these songs was vastly different from their pop-forward predecessors. Instead, Hallowed Ground took an experimental turn and found Gano particularly inspired by his Christian upbringing. The band also incorporated country and American roots influences into songs like “Jesus Walking on the Water” and the unnerving “Country Death Song,” and added unexpected instrumentation into such tracks as “Black Girls,” which featured the avant-garde saxophonist, John Zorn. 

    1986’s The Blind Leading the Naked found the band taking yet another sharp turn—this time towards both mainstream pop and avant-garde. Produced by the Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison, the album featured a variety of high-profile guests, including guitarist Leo Kottke, the Stooges’ Steve Mackay, and the acclaimed experimental artist, Fred Frith. Featuring the breakneck protest song “Old Mother Reagan” and the lively “I Held Her in My Arms,” The Blind Leading the Naked brought Violent Femmes wider commercial success—both at home (where it peaked at No.84 on the Billboard 200) and abroad (landing at No.81 in the UK and No.31 in Australia).

    Following a brief hiatus, the trio reunited in 1989, returning to their stripped-down roots with the acoustic 3, which featured such jaunty tracks as “Lies” and “Nightmares.” Meanwhile, 1991’s Why Do Birds Sing?, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, marked the Femmes’ final album with DeLorenzo. Co-produced with Michael Beinhorn (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hole, Soundgarden), the LP included one of the group’s most commercially successful singles, “American Music,” which hit No.2 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart.

    Add It Up (1981–1993) draws from these first five albums—documenting the trailblazing band’s stylistic development as they rose to become one of alt-rock’s most commercially-successful acts. Offering fans more than just a compilation of hits, Add It Up also spotlights Violent Femmes’ energetic live performances—captured at the height of their career. Additionally, nearly half of the collection is devoted to rarities, including demos, B-sides, and imports that were previously unavailable in the US, at the time of Add It Up’s release. These include “I Hate the TV,” “Gimme The Car,” and “Dance, M.F., Dance!

    For the remainder of the ’90s, Violent Femmes continued to record new material, while their earliest songs remained in the zeitgeist, thanks to popular shows and films like My So-Called Life, Reality Bites, and Grosse Pointe Blank. After taking an extended hiatus in the late aughts, the band’s original members briefly reunited for a handful of live appearances, including a highly anticipated set at the 2013 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This led to extensive touring and one of the Femmes’ most productive recording eras, which yielded EP Happy New Year, full LP We Can Do Anything, and radical live double LP 2 Mics and the Truth (recorded at radio station sessions and in-store performances). Most recently, Gano, Ritchie, and newcomers John Sparrow and Blaise Garza released Violent Femmes’ tenth studio album, Hotel Last Resort, in 2019.

    Add It Up (1981-1993) vinyl tracklist:

    Side A:

  • Intro
  • Waiting for the Bus
  • Blister in the Sun
  • Gone Daddy Gone
  • Gordon’s Message
  • Gimme the Car
  •  Side B:

  • Country Death Song
  • Black Girls
  • Jesus Walking on Water
  • 36-24-36
  • I Held Her in My Arms

    Side C:

  • I Hate the TV
  • America Is
  • Old Mother Reagan
  • Degradation
  • Dance, M.F., Dance!
  • Lies (Live)
  • American Music
  • Out the Window

    Side D:

  • Kiss Off (Live)
  • Add It Up (Live)
  • Vancouver (Live)
  • Johnny (Live)



    *Feature image credit: Francis Ford




    Clarksdale, Mississippi’s Juke Joint Festival Returns the Weekend of April 17th

    Clarksdale, Mississippi’s Juke Joint Festival Returns the Weekend of April 17th

    American Blues Scene Staff

    “Got Mask? Then, Clarksdale’s Juke Joint Festival is on!”

    While most other music festivals in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana have cancelled for spring or moved to fall, Clarksdale’s “pandemic-ly modified” Juke Joint Festival remains ready to rock the weekend of April 17, 2021.

    Artwork by Cristen Barnard

    “Juke Joint Festival is back, y’all — a little smaller and a little more outdoors,” according to Roger Stolle, Juke Joint Festival co-founder. “Got Mask? Then, Clarksdale’s Juke Joint Festival is on!”

    According to the nonprofit event’s organizers, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars have been spent to create a fun weekend that keeps everyone’s health in mind.

    “Thanks to our loyal music fans, Clarksdale has kept live blues going on a daily basis throughout the pandemic — sometimes in-person, always online,” said Stolle. “How do we do this? We clean up, mask up and socially distance. We do events outdoors when we can and take precautions indoors when we can’t. And we use live-streaming to fill in the blanks.”

    As the global pandemic struck last spring, the 2020 Juke Joint Festival quickly switched gears and moved online with a then-unprecedented 9-hour 27-act live-stream labeled the “Virtual Juke Joint Festival Celebration.” It featured blues acts performing in front of laptops and smartphones, from the town of Clarksdale to the country of Colombia.

    This year? Organizers knew it was time to go public.

    “Folks are tired of staying home. They want to see some live music and experience our little historic downtown,” explained Nan Hughes, another festival organizer. “We’re just asking for their help to make this a super-positive weekend that puts business back into the businesses, safely.”

    Artists participating in this year’s Juke Joint Festival include: Lucious Spiller; Jimmy “Duck” Holmes; Terry Harmonica Bean; Watermelon Slim; The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band; Super Chikan & the Fighting Cocks; Ghalia Volt; Mick Kolassa; Sean “Bad” Apple w/Lady Trucker and Artemis; Reba Russell; Bill ‘Howl-N-Madd’ Perry & Shy Perry; Lightnin’ Malcolm; Andre Otha Turner Fife & Drum Band; and many more!

    This year’s Juke Joint Festival & Related Events run Thursday-Sunday, April 15-18, with the main activities on Saturday. The festival is letting potential attendees know up front that organizers (with support of the City, Tourism and Chamber) expect masking, social distancing and other health & safety protocols to be followed.

    As a reward, organizers are offering an ambitious, long weekend of music, food, arts & crafts and even animals.

    “When we started our festival almost two decades ago, we decided it would be ‘half blues festival, half small-town fair and all about the Delta,’” explained Hughes. “Family-friendly outdoor events like racing pigs and monkeys riding dogs help keep JJF about music and much more. There is literally something for everyone of all ages.”

    A sampling of the long weekend’s highlights includes:
    • Thurs., April 15 – FREE – JJF Kickoff starring Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.
    • Fri., April 16 – FREE – Thacker Mountain Radio live show, JJF edition.
    • Sat., April 17 – FREE – 13 daytime music stages (10am-6pm); plus street vendors.
    • Sat., April 17 – WRISTBAND REQUIRED – 17 nighttime venues (details on website).
    • Sun., April 18 – FREE – JJF Mini Blues Fest (10am-5pm).

    The 2021 Juke Joint Festival lineup, Saturday-night JJF wristband sales, health & safety protocols and more can be found online.

    Select events will streamed via, and additional visitor information is available at

    The festival wishes to thank all of its attendees, performers and volunteers as well as major sponsors and partners like Visit Clarksdale, Crossroads Economic Partnership, Visit Mississippi, Isle of Capri, Southern Bancorp and The Walton Family Foundation.

    Juke Joint Festival
    Live From Clarksdale
    Visit Clarksdale

    Echo Gallery to Release Adam Stothard’s AC/DC ‘The Razor Edge’ World Tour 1990/1991 Poster

    Echo Gallery to Release Adam Stothard’s AC/DC ‘The Razor Edge’ World Tour 1990/1991 Poster

    American Blues Scene Staff

    Happy birthday to legendary lead guitarist Angus Young!

    ECHO print gallery is proud to release the second print in the AC/DC Poster Series by artist Adam Stothard, entitled AC/DC The Razors Edge World Tour 1990/1991.

    Adam’s electric take on Angus Young and Brian Johnson from the “Thunderstruck” era captivates the live energy that AC/DC is famous for. This poster will be available starting Friday, April 2 starting at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST.

    Image courtesy of Jim Merlis

    “AC/DC were the soundtrack to my twenties. They saw me through my college and university years and inspired many a night out. I can still remember sitting with friends in the college cafeteria with AC/DC’s music rock’n the jukebox.

    “When I was asked to create artwork for the band the first thing I did was revisit their music, to reconnect with the feelings they inspired. The aim of this piece was to capture the sheer power and energy of AC/DC’s music, along with their electric stage presence.” – Adam Stothard

    This 7-color screenprint measures 18”x24” and will be available in these limited edition variations: 

    AC/DC The Razors Edge World Tour 1990/1991 Gallery Edition – 150 pcs / $55

    AC/DC The Razors Edge World Tour 1990/1991 Holographic Lava Foil Variant – 100 pcs / $80

    AC/DC The Razors Edge World Tour 1990/1991 Rainbow Foil Variant – 50 pcs / $80

    Adam Stothard’s AC/DC The Razors Edge World Tour 1990/1991 will be available at 11AM PST / 2PM EST Friday, April 2.

    Go to for more information.

    Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Unveils Diverse 2021 Lineup

    Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Unveils Diverse 2021 Lineup

    Big Hassle Media

    20th anniversary event to feature Larkin Poe, Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, Leon Bridges, Phoebe Bridgers, Brittany Howard, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, and more! Tickets available today!

    The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival announces the lineup for the internationally acclaimed camping festival’s upcoming 20th-anniversary edition. Set to take place September 2–5, 2021 on the Bonnaroo Farm, located just 60 miles southeast of Nashville in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo will once again present an extraordinarily diverse bill featuring a remarkable selection of top artists performing around the clock across more than 10 unique stages over the four-day festival.

    Bonnaroo has drawn high-profile media attention and critical acclaim for two groundbreaking decades. 

    Photo courtesy of Ken Weinstein

    Tickets for Bonnaroo will go on sale today, March 31 at 1 PM ET/12 PM CT, via Options include General Admission (4-Day), GA+ (4-Day), VIP (4-Day), Platinum (4-Day), General Admission Camping & Parking, VIP Camping, Platinum Camping, and more. Once again, Bonnaroo is presenting an array of affordable options, with tickets starting at $35 down and accommodations available for as low as $99 per night. Car Camping Passes are priced at only $60 (plus fees) per car, not per person, allowing fans to both save money and reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling.

    To celebrate the return of Bonnaroo and to commemorate the festival’s 20th Anniversary, Bonnaroo has created a one-of-a-kind NFT collection including a 1 of 1 special edition of the 2021 Lineup Poster. This is the first time a music festival has produced an NFT collection and Bonnaroo is so excited to partner with digital artist Archan Nair and premier NFT marketplace, Makers Place. These digital works of art will be available exclusively on Makers Place on Saturday, April 3rd at 5:30pm CT! Bid on both still & animated versions of the 2021 Lineup Poster, as well as a special edition animated artwork dedicated to Roofus. For complete details, please visit Makers Place.

    Throughout its 20-year history, Bonnaroo has evolved and innovated to make each and every event more enjoyable, with the safety of its fans, artists, and staff a top priority. Bonnaroo organizers as always will be in regular communication with local health and public safety officials and will continue to abide by relevant recommendations. As it approaches, Bonnaroovians will receive regular updates with the important information needed to plan their trip to The Farm, including any changes to policies and procedures they’ll need to know before entering the festival and campgrounds. Updates will be shared at, through Bonnaroo’s social media channels, and via the Bonnaroo email list (sign up HERE).

    “It’s exciting to see Tennessee stages come back to life in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this internationally acclaimed festival,” said Gov. Bill Lee. “Fans are ready to gather together and celebrate their shared love of music once again. We welcome them back for a full Bonnaroo and what is sure to be a truly unforgettable event!”



    Grand Ole Opry Featuring Special Guests

    99 Neighbors

    Andy Frasco

    Big Something

    Briston Maroney


    Devon Gilfillian

    The Funk Hunters


    Joy Oladokun

    Larkin Poe

    Liz Cooper & The Stampede


    Nubya Garcia



    Sweet Crude

    Taska Black

    Too Many Zooz



    Foo Fighters

    Megan Thee Stallion

    Run The Jewels

    Janelle Monáe

    Glass Animals


    Young Thug


    Jack Harlow

    Grace Potter



    The Disco Biscuits

    Dashboard Confessional

    Big Wild


    Marcus King Band

    Lennon Stella

    Orville Peck

    Kim Petras

    Turkuaz w/Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew: Remain In Light


    Omar Apollo



    The Weather Station

    Resistance Revival Chorus

    LP Giobbi



    Detox Unit

    Rome In Silver

    Jac Ross

    Mdou Moctar

    Tripp St.




    Tame Impala

    My Morning Jacket


    Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

    Phoebe Bridgers


    Seven Lions

    King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

    Superjam: Sylvan Esso Presents “WITH”

    Kevin Gates

    Marc Rebillet





    Jon Batiste

    The Band Camino




    Tate McRae


    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

    Remi Wolf


    Dr. Fresch

    William Black

    Christone “Kingfish” Ingram


    Hero The Band

    Level Up

    DJ Mel

    Almost Monday



    Tyler, The Creator

    Lana Del Rey

    Lil Baby


    Leon Bridges

    Young the Giant

    Brittany Howard

    Flogging Molly

    Boombox Cartel

    Greensky Bluegrass

    The Struts


    Oliver Tree


    Julien Baker


    Colony House

    Flo Milli


    Niko Moon

    Jamila Woods

    Bill Frisell: Harmony featuring Petra Haden, Hank Roberts & Luke Bergman



    Makaya McCraven


    Billy Gibbons Releases ‘West Coast Junkie’ From Forthcoming ‘Hardware’ Album

    Billy Gibbons Releases ‘West Coast Junkie’ From Forthcoming ‘Hardware’ Album

    American Blues Scene Staff

    “It’s a raging rocker but always mindful of the desert’s implicit mystery,” Billy says of the new album

    Hardware, the third solo album from ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons, has wrapped recording and post-production and is set for release June 4th by Concord Records. The album was recorded at Escape Studio in California’s high desert, near Palm Springs, and was produced by Gibbons along with Matt Sorum and Mike Fiorentino with engineer Chad Shlosser providing additional production. 

    The album’s release is preceded by the release of the single “West Coast Junkie.” The video for the track was filmed near Joshua Tree, a stone’s throw from the studio.

    Sorum, veteran of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and the Cult also serves as Hardware’s drummer and was joined in the album’s core band by guitarist Austin Hanks.  The same Gibbons-Sorum-Hanks aggregation recorded The Big Bad Blues, Gibbon’s earlier solo effort for Concord and winner of the Blues Foundation’s Blues Music Award.

    In contrast to The Big Bad Blues and Perfectamundo, Gibbons’ debut solo album, almost all of the Hardware repertoire is original and rock-oriented with eleven of the album’s twelve songs written by Gibbons, Sorum, Fiorentino and Shlosser.  The sole exception is “Hey Baby, Que Paso,” originally recorded by the Texas Tornados.  The album’s title is a tribute to legendary recording engineer the late Joe Hardy who worked with Gibbons and ZZ Top dating back to the mid-1980s.  Sonically, the album was influenced by the high desert circumstance of its recording.  Says Gibbons “The desert settings, replete with shifting sands, cacti and rattlesnakes makes for the kind of backdrop that lends an element of intrigue reflected in the sounds created out there.” 

    “Stackin’ Bones,” one of the album’s standouts, features a guest appearance by Larkin Poe with whom Gibbons has been familiar and friendly for quite a while. He initially met them through the good offices of Tyler Bryant, husband of Larkin Poe’s Rebecca Lovell; he had toured extensively with ZZ Top in the past.  Larkin Poe also shared a bill with Billy at New York’s Love Rocks NYC benefit in 2019 and the Hardware collaboration grew from there.

    While a truly broad spectrum of approaches is notable on the album’s hard driving tracks there is, to be sure, no mistaking the remarkable tone and growling vocals that are hallmarks of Billy Gibbons’ artistry. Elements of traditional hard rock, neo-metal, country rock, new wave, blues and even surf music make Hardware difficult to categorize and it would be a fool’s game to do so. In fact, “Desert High,” the album’s last track, is a spoken word piece accompanied by a sinewy guitar that evokes the legend Gram Parsons whose death 48 years ago took place very close to where Hardware was recorded.

    Billy sums up the album’s ecumenical construct, “We holed up in the desert for a few weeks in the heat of the summer and that in itself was pretty intense. To let off steam we just ‘let it rock’ and that’s what Hardware is really all about. For the most part, it’s a raging rocker but always mindful of the desert’s implicit mystery.”

    All songs were written by Billy F Gibbons, Matt Sorum, Mike Fiorentino, and Chad Shlosser — except “Hey Baby Que Paso,” written by Augie Meyers and Bill Sheffield. Video visuals supplied by director Harry Reese.                          


    Hardware Tracklisting:

    Video visuals supplied by director Harry Reese.

    My Lucky Card

    She’s On Fire


    Shuffle, Step & Slide

    Vagabond Man

    Spanish Fly

    West Coast Junkie

    Stackin’ Bones (featuring Larkin Poe)

    I Was A Highway


    Hey Baby, Que Paso 

    Desert High


    Pre-order Hardware


    *Featured image: Screengrab of video

    Bluegrass Legend Bobby Osborne Covers Merle Haggard’s ‘White Line Fever’

    Bluegrass Legend Bobby Osborne Covers Merle Haggard’s ‘White Line Fever’

    American Blues Scene Staff

    “With Bobby’s incomparable vocals, and the addition of Jeff Tweedy’s new lyrics about Bobby’s Kentucky roots and Ohio ties, I think this version of ‘White Line Fever’ ticks every box for a bluegrass classic.” – Alison Brown

    Bluegrass legend and GRAMMY-nominee Bobby Osborne, known as the voice of “Rocky Top,” has released his grassified version of Merle Haggard’s “White Line Fever.”

    Producer Alison Brown explains the track grew out of a recording session she gave Bobby for his 89th birthday in December. She thought the country classic would make a great bluegrass tune and Osborne was excited to bring his soulful bluegrass vocals to the task.  To augment the rearrangement of Haggard’s story of life on the road, Brown and co-producer Garry West asked Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy to craft a new verse reflecting on Osborne’s 60-plus year career and the many white lines under his wheels, both as a member of the iconic Osborne Brothers and as a solo artist.

    A crack band of bluegrass players brought the track to life: Stuart Duncan (fiddle), Trey Hensley (guitar, harmony vocals), Sierra Hull (mandolin), Tim O’Brien (harmony vocals), Todd Phillips (bass) and Brown on banjo.

    Merle Haggard cut “White Line Fever” in late 1960s with a country feel but it always seemed to me that it would make a great bluegrass song. With Bobby’s incomparable vocals, and the addition of Jeff Tweedy’s new lyrics about Bobby’s Kentucky roots and Ohio ties, I think this version of “White Line Fever” ticks every box for a bluegrass classic. – Alison Brown

    Bobby Osborne

    *Feature image photo: Jay Blakesburg

    Blues-Rock Duo The Cold Stares Release ‘Hard Times,’ Announce Label Signing

    Blues-Rock Duo The Cold Stares Release ‘Hard Times,’ Announce Label Signing

    Jon Bleicher / Prospect PR

    “I had written ‘Hard Times’ in December of 2019 right before the world kind of collapsed,” said Tapp. “The song is about the feeling when you just can’t get on your feet no matter how you try.”

    With the release of their blistering new single “Hard Times,” the Indiana based blues-rock duo The Cold Stares offer the first taste of their new set of material, slated for release in late 2021 via new label partner, Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group. Composed of guitarist Chris Tapp and drummer Brian Mullins, the band has toured the country alongside artists like Rival Sons, Spoon, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, and Thievery Corp, performed at festivals like The Ride Festival, Copperhead Festival, and Handy Blues Festival, and amassed more than 20 million Spotify streams to-date. “Hard Times” is the band’s first release since their 2019 full-length album, Ways.

    Tapp and Mullins have known one another for years, growing up in Western Kentucky, just a stone’s throw from the border of Indiana. They originally started playing together in their early twenties before going their separate ways only to reunite in another outfit a decade down the line. “There’s a lot of great musicians around here, but it’s hard to find someone who really wants to do it,” Mullins explained. “People who want to make records and they’re that much of a glutton for punishment that they’re gonna stick it out.”

    “We were playing together in 2009 in another band that was doing really well,” Tapp said. “It didn’t work out, so we both kinda exited that band and contemplated retirement.” It didn’t take long before they were thankfully disabused of that notion. “A buddy of ours asked us to open the show for him. We ended up doing that, but we were so adamant that we weren’t going to be a band that we didn’t hire a bass player or anything else.”

    The one-off performance was a huge success, convincing both Tapp and Mullins that maybe they’d try and give it a go together as a duo. The unique reception they received that night helped inspire their name.

    Recorded in a single day at Sam Phillips fabled recording studio in Memphis, The Cold Stares upcoming album is their best record yet, an intense amalgam of Blind Willie Johnson meets Son House; Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Black Sabbath; Soundgarden meets Black Crowes; Free meets Led Zeppelin. “I feel like I’m saying what I want to say a little bit more concisely and elegantly, and I think that Brian and I together, from playing this long together and making records, we are pretty clear on the statement we’re trying to make now,” Tapp said. “We’ve never been one of those bands where we said, ‘On the next record, we’re really gonna do something completely different.’ We were happy with the sentiment that we started with. We want to be the band that we are.”

    “I had written ‘Hard Times’ in December of 2019 right before the world kind of collapsed,” said Tapp. “The song is about the feeling when you just can’t get on your feet no matter how you try. I had originally recorded the vocals in February, but after listening back to the track in October of 2020 I felt it was right to re-sing it. After a year of covid, elections in the US, seeing friends losing loved ones, small businesses being closed, I had a new empathy for what ‘Hard Times’ can really mean. I re-recorded the vocals with that in mind, and I think the song was directed from even more of a real place of despair. To me it’s always about capturing as honest of a sentiment and vocal as possible.”

    “I’ve been a big fan of The Cold Stares for several years now,” said Mascot Label Group US President Ron Burman. “I flew down to see them play a local show in Evansville, Indiana a few years back and was blown away. When Chris sent me the new songs during lockdown, I got chills, and knew the time was right for us to work together. They have such a great focused DIY work ethic and are great collaborators. We’re all extremely excited to be working together!”

    “We were very excited about the prospect of signing with Mascot Records,” said Tapp. “I’ve had a relationship with Ron Burman who had been following our career for a while, and obviously been a fan of many artists on the Mascot roster. I think we were looking for a label that would allow us to be who we are, and love that enough to get behind it without changing it. I think Mascot was the perfect choice for that.”

    “I think Mascot has become a great home for rock and blues acts that step outside of the normal box that the word ‘genre’ tends to draw you in,” added Mullins. “We have one foot deep in the blues, but we also have a passion for heavy rock and roll.”

    The Cold Stares

    Joe Strummer Album, ‘Assembly,’ Available Now; Watch Official Video For ‘I Fought The Law’

    Joe Strummer Album, ‘Assembly,’ Available Now; Watch Official Video For ‘I Fought The Law’

    American Blues Scene Staff

    ‘Assembly’ is a career-spanning compilation featuring carefully curated remastered singles, fan favorites, archival rarities, and more

    Dark Horse Records celebrates the release of ASSEMBLY, the newly remastered collection of solo cuts from Joe Strummer, the former frontman of The Clash, with the world premiere of a video for “I Fought The Law.” The song was famously covered by Joe’s former band, The Clash, and this newly unearthed version was recorded live in London by Joe and his band, The Mescaleros.

    “I Fought The Law,” along with the other live track, The Clash favorite, “Rudie Can’t Fail,” were thought to be lost, but were discovered and mixed and mastered by three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Paul Hicks (The Beatles / John Lennon / The Rolling Stones / David Bowie) especially for the release of ASSEMBLY. The accompanying video for the track was created by Spencer Ramsey.

    ASSEMBLY is available now on Limited Edition 2xLP Red vinyl, gatefold 2xLP 180g black vinyl, CD, and digitally for streaming and download HERE.

    ASSEMBLY showcases carefully curated remastered singles, fan favorites, and archival rarities from the Joe Strummer solo catalog, including “Coma Girl,” “Johnny Appleseed,” and “Yalla Yalla” (with The Mescaleros) to his iconic rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” and soundtrack contributions like “Love Kills” (from the 1986 film, Sid and Nancy). Remastered by three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Paul Hicks (The Beatles / John Lennon / The Rolling Stones / David Bowie), the 16-track compilation features three previously unreleased versions of classic tracks by Joe’s former band The Clash, including the never-before-heard home recording of “Junco Partner” and electrifying live performances of “Rudie Can’t Fail” and “I Fought The Law”, recorded by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros at London’s Brixton Academy on November 24, 2001. In addition, ASSEMBLY includes exclusive liner notes written especially for this collection by musician, Jakob Dylan.

    Poet, musician, composer, actor, and style icon, Joe Strummer spent his life smashing musical and cultural boundaries both as the singer of The Clash and as a solo artist. His songs sound as urgent and vital today as when they were written. Calling out social injustices and giving a voice to the struggles of the working class, Strummer’s politically-charged lyrics struck a chord with legions of fans.

    George Harrison’s passion for introducing the world to new music expressed itself in May of 1974 when he created his own new label – Dark Horse Records. The label contained a variety of talented artists on its roster, including George himself. ASSEMBLY marks the first new Joe Strummer title released via the newly relaunched Dark Horse Records. For more, visit


    ASSEMBLY Tracklisting:

    Coma Girl

    Johnny Appleseed

    I Fought The Law (Live at Brixton Academy, London, 24 November 2001) *

    Tony Adams


    Love Kills

    Get Down Moses

    X-Ray Style

    Mondo Bongo

    Rudie Can’t Fail (Live at Brixton Academy, London, 24 November 2001) *

    At The Border, Guy

    Long Shadow

    Forbidden City

    Yalla Yalla

    Redemption Song

    Junco Partner (Acoustic) *




    AJ Fullerton Album Release Listening Party Today 3/26

    AJ Fullerton Album Release Listening Party Today 3/26

    American Blues Scene Staff

    The premiere will be LIVE on YouTube at 5 pm MT / 6 pm CT. Tune into Instagram and Facebook for a live after-party, Q & A, and maybe a few tunes!

    To celebrate his new album dropping on the Vizztone label group today, AJ Fullerton will be hosting a YouTube listening party premiere of The Forgiver and The Runaway followed by a Facebook & Instagram livestream Q&A, performance, and hang.


    Fullerton hails from the mountains of rural Western Colorado where he has received no fewer that 16 Members Choice Awards from the Colorado Blues Society since 2016, in categories including Young Performer; Guitarist; Solo/Duo; Band; Male Vocals; Slide Guitar; Songwriter; Acoustic Act and Local Recording.

    Produced in Toronto, Ontario by Canadian multi-instrumentalist Steve Marriner (Monkeyjunk), the album features an all-star cast of musicians including guest harmonica players Jake Friel and Paul Reddick. Fullerton wrote 10 of the 12 songs on The Forgiver and The Runaway with the other two being written by JD Taylor and Colin Linden.

    The premiere will be LIVE on YouTube at 5 pm MT / 6 pm CT. Tune into Instagram and Facebook for a live after-party, Q & A, and maybe a few tunes!

    AJ Fullerton

    Watch: Valerie June Featured on ‘Gone In 30 Minutes’ Podcast/Video Series

    Watch: Valerie June Featured on ‘Gone In 30 Minutes’ Podcast/Video Series

    Craft Recordings

    Second season of Craft Recordings’ podcast and video series, ‘Gone in 30 Minutes,’ launches today with Valerie June! Episodes premiere every Thursday at 6am PT/9am ET.

    Today, Craft Recordings kicked off season two of their weekly podcast and video series, Gone in 30 Minutes, featuring host and GRAMMY®-nominated industry executive Tom DeSavia in conversation with special guest, Fantasy Records’ acclaimed and genre-bending singer-songwriter Valerie June

    Other confirmed guests for season two of Gone in 30 Minutes include: Fantasy Records’ Allison Russell and JT Nero, Jimmy LaValle from The Album Leaf, Neal Francis, Kevin Griffin, and Sean and Sara Watkins, with more to be announced.

    Each episode from Craft’s Gone in 30 Minutes series features 30-minute remote and unfiltered conversations with your favorite musicians, writers, and tastemakers from the Concord family and beyond, who speak on the current state of the music business, the challenges of creating art during a pandemic, what they’re up to right now, and more. New to season two, each guest will present a multiple-choice trivia question geared toward their most loyal fans, who are encouraged to comment and share their answers on Gone in 30 Minutes’ Instagram (@gonein30mins). After a few days, the correct answer will be revealed via a guest-hosted video post on the series’ Instagram.

    Episodes premiere every Thursday at 6:00 am PT / 9:00 am ET on Craft’s YouTube channel and website, plus wherever you enjoy podcasts (including Art19, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, among others).

    On the heels of June’s latest release, titled The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers, which she co-produced with Jack Splash (Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys, John Legend), the multi-instrumentalist from Memphis shares with Gone in 30 the creative methods that drive her artistic vision, the reason she originally kept her desire to be a singer a secret, and she reveals the instrument she’d love to master. With exceptional humility and effervescent vim, June reminds us all, when the heaviness of the world gets you down, never stop dreaming.

    In addition to being the series host, Los Angeles-based DeSavia is currently SVP of A&R at Concord Music Publishing and he co-authored two bestselling books with punk legend John Doe from X (2016’s Under the Big Black Sun and 2019’s More Fun in the New World) about Los Angeles’ punk rock scene. “I am absolutely thrilled that we’re doing another season of GITM,” shares Desavia. “Not only do I love that the show is giving a voice to artists and songwriters to speak about their own challenges and victories during this COVID-19 era, but for me personally, being able to stay connected to the creative community around the world has been a real lifeline while in lockdown.”

    Regarding the new season, series producer and VP Content Development & Strategy at Craft Recordings, Laura Sáez shares: “Helping to overcome the distance between us, season two of Gone in 30 Minutes brings the audience closer to the artists in the most casual and authentic of settings.” Adding, “In only 30 minutes, artists share with us the moments that define their creative process, ultimately inspiring the music that provides listeners with a much-needed escape to endless possibilities—no matter the state of the world.”

    Adds Craft Recordings President and Concord’s Chief Catalog Executive, Sig Sigworth, “Delivering Gone in 30 Minutes across a multi-platform, multi-format strategy allows Craft Recordings to continue to deliver new original content to fans from a diverse lineup of the incredibly talented writers and musicians from throughout the Concord family and beyond.”

    Debuting last August, the first season from Gone in 30 Minutes hosted an incredibly diverse and accomplished lineup, featuring Matt Berninger of The National, Mr. William Bell, author Dan Brown, George Thorogood, Tom Kitt, Walshy Fire of Major Lazer, Caroline Spence, Martin Page, Jody Stephens of Big Star, Matt Nathanson, Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s, Fiona Bevan, Mr Hudson, Camilo Lara, Eric Whitacre, and Dan Wilson of Semisonic.