Listen: Tom Petty’s “Confusion Wheel” from Upcoming ‘Wildflowers & All the Rest’

Listen: Tom Petty’s “Confusion Wheel” from Upcoming ‘Wildflowers & All the Rest’

Lauren Leadingham

Petty wrote “Confusion Wheel” during the 1994 ‘Wildflowers’ sessions

“Confusion Wheel,” the first song available from Tom Petty’s long-awaited Wildflowers & All The Rest box set, hit streaming services yesterday. The expanded collection of previously unheard tracks, solo demos, and live performances is slated for an October 16 release via Warner Records. Written in 1994, “Confusion Wheel” navigates emotional turmoil and uncertainty, as if he earmarked the song for 2020. But Tom also signifies hope and new life:

One of these days my old friend

You and I will walk through that door

One of these days we’ll drive away

Drive away singing a brand-new song

We’ll wake up singing a brand-new song

Wildflowers & All The Rest will be released in multiple formats. Wildflowers & All The Rest—Deluxe Edition features 15 recordings made by Tom in his home studio as he was writing the album. The Deluxe Edition culminates with 14 live performances of songs from Wildflowers, recorded on tours from 1995 to 2017. Wildflowers & All The Rest—Super Deluxe is a Direct to Consumer Limited Edition set featuring Finding Wildflowers—16 studio recordings of alternate takes of Wildflowers songs as Tom, band members and Rick Rubin honed in on the final album.

Watch the visualizer featuring artwork by Blaze Ben Brooks below.

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